200 for Darien's 200th

The town of Darien, Connecticut was born in the year 1820, 42 years after the Mather Homestead was built.  Joseph Mather helped to foster the creation of our town by ....

We celebrate Darien's 200th in the year 2021 (a slight delay due to COVID!)

In partnership with the Museum of Darien (the Historical Society of Darien) and the Darien Foundation, the Mather Homestead invites you to submit reflections on the town of Darien.  

Your submissions may come in the form of painting, photography, writing, music ... 

Our goal is to reach 200 ... or more ... submissions, and to display them at the new Mather Homestead Barn.  

What is unique about Darien?  


What is special about Darien to you?  


What does Darien mean to you?  

Submit your impressions through photography, painting, drawing, writing, song or ???

Let your creative juices flow.  This town is seeped in history.  We are all part of its history simply by living here.