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The Mather Homestead Foundation maintains the Mather Homestead as a museum for the education of the public.  

We welcome school groups to tour the homestead and learn about its important role in our town and country's history.  

Mather Homestead 18th/19th Century Living

Visits will be catered to groups but will focus on the following:

Revolutionary War Times:  


Deacon Joseph Mather built the homestead as a refuge from the British.  Discover where treasures were hidden from the British during the war. 

Stephen Tyng Mather and the National Parks System:


Stephen Mather, great-grandson of Deacon Joseph Mather, was an environmentalist and the founder and first Director of our National Parks Service. Learn about the lasting impact his work has had on our country.

Eighteenth and nineteenth century living:


The Mather Homestead is largely untouched from earlier times when meals were cooked in the fireplace and animals grazed in the yard.

Mather Homestead Stephen Tyng Mather
Mather Homestead Revolutionary War Times

On April 22, 2018, Pastor Gary Morello gave a sermon on the the history of The First Congregational Church of Darien and its connection with the Mather Homestead, the home of Deacon Joseph Mather, the son of Reverend Moses Mather.  He honored the Mather's determination to stand up against the British and for what they believed was right.  Read an excerpt from his sermon 

First Congregational Church of Darien
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