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Gordon's Blog - The Story of the Mather Homestead
Docent Gordon Hastings has blogging since 2011 about books and subjects that he enjoys.  Lucky for us that the Mather Homestead is a subject he enjoys!  
Gordon Hastings
It begins like this ....
Now that you are all sitting comfortably, I want to ask you to leave the 21st Century and go back with me 240 years and picture yourself here with Deacon Joseph Mather, son of Reverend Moses Mather, his wife Sarah and eight of their 11 children still living at home. One child is an infant, another just two years old. It is 15 degrees outside with a 25 mile per northeast wind blowing snow through tiny cracks in these walls and around the windows. Candles flicker, as there is no electricity. A fire glows in the hearth and in the pot above the hot coals is a rich stew which Sara prepared this morning and will be ready for an early dinner after Joseph and the oldest boys return from the barn following milking their four cows and making them safe for the night.  continue

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The Story of the Mather Homestead - video premiered September, 2020
Docent Gordon Hastings is front and center in our video! 
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