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Four Upholstered Open Armchairs

First Floor - Parlor

Furniture and Hard Furnishings

Probably England; likely modern in late 18th century style.
Mahogany; two: 39 ½" h. x 27 ¼" w. x 23" d.; #105: 43 ½” x 22 ¾” 26 ½”;
no. 118: 37 ¼” h. x 24 ⅜” w. x 24” d.

Four Upholstered Open Armchairs

In the Chippendale style, with an upholstered straight crest (or serpentine
crest for no. 118), over a rectangular back and seat; carved ogee arms with
volute handholds; Marlborough legs with H-stretcher. No. 105 in fair
condition with repaired leg and loose stretcher; no. 118 has a patched left
front leg. Note: Frames were not examined because upholstery was not
removed, thus preventing definitive determination of age.

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