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“York” Side Chair

Second Floor - SW Bedroom

Furniture and Hard Furnishings

Southwestern Connecticut, 1750-1825.
Maple, ash, tulip poplar, rush seat; 43 ¾" h. x 18 ⅜" w. x 15 ¼" d.

“York” Side Chair

The turned chair, known in the period as a York chair, has a shaped
tulip poplar crest above a solid splat (“fiddle-back) and stay rail.
Maple rear posts with elongated balusters, truncated at the bottom,
and above smaller balusters. Posts terminate in urn-and-ball finials.
Turned front legs with double “sausage” turned front stretchers.
Ash double side and a single rear stretcher joins the legs. Condition: All four feet have been ended-out by 2”; finials restored.

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