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Dressing Table

Second Floor - SE Bedroom

Furniture and Hard Furnishings

American, probably Southern New Jersey or farther south, 1790-1810.
Walnut; resinous pine; 28 ½" h. x 30" w. x 19 ¼" d.

Dressing Table

Rectangular standing on four square, slightly tapered legs without inside chamfers. Case holds a wide center drawer flanked by nearly square
drawers, all of which have scratch-beaded edges. Case skirt is scalloped in
a Philadelphia-area design. Two-board top is a replacement made of reused walnut; evidence of hinges visible on the underside of one board suggest former use as table leaves, now reshaped and remolded. Proper left front leg has a mortise partially cut inside the drawer cavity; probably a mistake by the maker. Brasses are replacements.

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