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Side Chair

Second Floor - SE Bedroom

Furniture and Hard Furnishings

South-Central Pennsylvania, 1775-1800.
Mahogany, unidentified secondary woods; 38" h. x 20 ⅜" w. x 20" d.

 Side Chair

With a pierced and relief-carved splat and crest rail with an oculus at the top and looped strands near the bottom. Splat design is English in
origin but copies may be found in examples on chairs labeled by Philadelphia maker, Benjamin Randolph. Unlike many Philadelphia chairs, side rails are not tenoned through the rear stiles. Corner blocks within the seat frame
are vertically grained. Straight Marlborough front legs, H-stretchers.
(Twentieth century needlework upholstery was not removed to examine the separate slip seat.) “II” is chiseled into the inside of rear rail. Minor repairs to the splat.

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