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The art of storytelling goes back tens of thousands of years, certainly way before Colonial times! 


30,000 years ago primitive people told stories through cave paintings.  Ancient Greeks created myths and legends which were told orally.  Then came print.  Even in BC times, stories began to be told through print, with the Bible, Shakespeare and other greats defining their times.  In the 1700s, newspapers came about, and in 1825 the photograph began the practice of visual storytelling.  Then magazines, network TV, videos, music videos and finally, today, we tell stories through social media.

The Moth takes us back to the time when oral storytelling was celebrated and we invite you to tell your story.  

In particular ... tell us about a time that you did something revolutionary?

We highly recommend that you review the storytelling tips and tricks below and listen to moth radio stories at 

Stories must be five minutes or less. 

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