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Bats in the attic! (No, not that kind.)

On many tours of the Homestead, docents often point out the juxtaposition

of a 1793 Bible and stereo speakers from the 1950s, both on the east wall of the Keeping Room. It is a clear reminder that this house was a family home from the 18th century through the final days of the 20th.

Recently more proof was found in the attic—four wooden baseball bats, one made by Spaulding and three from Hillerich & Bradsby, the makers of the famous Louisville sluggers.

We get a hint to the era of the bats with one being a H&B Chas. Keller model and the other a Rocky Colavito. Keller played from 1939-1952 primarily for the New York Yankees and Colavito played from 1955-1968 for six teams.

Who were the Mather sluggers? Where did they play? For now, we can only guess. But in a way, it is appropriate that these mementos of the national pastime should be added to the possessions of a house so tied to our country’s history and the opportunities for outdoor recreation afforded by Stephen Mather’s leadership of our National Parks.

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