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The fabric (and follies) of their lives…

In the Mather Homestead attic you will find a large chest measuring 22-1/2” x 22-1/2” x 45-1/2” wide.

If “dress up” is still a child’s rainy day amusement, the chest is a treasure trove. The chest is filled with material and mementos from those who made the house their home. Within the chest you will find a wealth of the fabrics and finery that adorned both the house itself and the ladies who were a part of the family.

In this eclectic, if not exotic, assemblage, there are several tasseled window curtains, a brilliant red robe, two hats with ribbons to tie beneath the chin, three exquisite fans, dresses of indeterminate age, a folding parasol, and a “kimono and flowers worn by Grace Sutcliffe Floy [Jane Thacker Floy Mather’s sister] at a fancy party – dress made by her.”

The Mather attic is perhaps not that different from our own attics, closets and cupboards. Why we choose to save certain things is often not clear, even to ourselves.

While we can only guess as to why these were the chosen few, it adds to the mystery and history that is the Mather Homestead.

Picture above e: Grace Floy’s Kimono and Flowers, Fans, Hats, and Jackets

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