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A rare book and the legacy of Moses Mather

The bookshelf at the end of the Keeping Room holds a small hardbound book, “A Systematic View of Divinity; or The Ruin and Recovery of Man. By Moses Mather, D.D.” The book was published

in 1813, seven years after Moses Mather’s death.

The book was “Published by Nathan Weed Stamford, Con.” and was printed by “A. Spooner, printer, Brooklyn.”

Nathan Weed. Nathan was born in Stamford September 28, 1760, the son of Nathan and Deborah Weed. He was married to Mary Scofield on September 2, 1787. The ceremony was performed

by Rev. Moses Mather.

Alden Spooner. As recorded by the Brooklyn Historical Society, he “was a prominent citizen of Brooklyn and a well-known publisher…In 1811 Spooner moved to Brooklyn, where he purchased the Long Island Star, Long Island’s oldest newspaper.” Of note, at one point Walt Whitman worked for Spooner as a compositor for a period of three years.

The Book. In writing of this book, The Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society in America, in its July-October 1912 issue, recorded:

“This work is the earliest book published in Stamford, Conn. of which I have record. No press having been established in this Town at this date, the book was sent to Brooklyn and there printed by Alden Spooner. The copy I have seen was bound in boards with title as above printed on front cover. This was very unusual in books issued at the time in America.”

It is a small book but one which contributes a large measure to our understanding and appreciation of those many generations for whom this house was home.

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