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Mather Homestead Bicentennial Poster


The Mather Homestead: ~250 years of history
Help us preserve the Homestead for another 250 years!

There are many ways to make a planned gift to the Mather Homestead Foundation nd your financial and/or legal advisor can help you evaluate which option is right for you.

1) Make a Bequest

Leave a gift of cash, securities or other assets, such as real property, by making a bequest in your will or trust. This allows you to make a generous gift that will not compromise your lifestyle.

Name The Mather Homestead Foundation as a Beneficiary

2) One of the easiest ways to make a planned gift is to name the Mather Homestead Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance, IRA, or other retirement plan. You can allocate a specific percentage or a set amount to Horizons at NCCS.

3) Establish a Charitable Lead or Charitable Remainder Trust

Create a charitable trust, naming Horizons at NCCS as a beneficiary during your life (Lead) or in the future (Remainder). Charitable trusts can provide tax advantages for capital gains, gift and estate taxes.

Please contact Heather Raker at 203-202-7602 to discuss!

Mather Homestead Earliest Photo, 1879

The earliest photo of the homestead, circa 1800s

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