When you become a member of the Mather Homestead you support our mission and help to secure our future. 

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Mission Statement:


The Mather Homestead Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Mather Homestead in order to educate the community about Revolutionary times, eighteenth and nineteenth century living, and Stephen Mather’s legacy as an important conservationist and the founder of our modern National Parks System. 

$150 Family Membership 

Benefits include:  

  • Discounted tickets to events

  • Reduced rate for usage of the Homestead for private events

  • Free private tours

We hope you will consider an increased level of support in order to support the work of the Mather Homestead which includes:


  • Preservation of the historic Mather Homestead building 

  • Restoration of gardens and beautification of the property

  • Tours for elementary school children and the general public

  • Scholars lectures

  • Musical and other cultural events

  • Curation of educational exhibits

  • New programs coming every day!