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“…a simple little celebration of the event…”Stephen Mather and the 150th Anniversary of the Homestea

Previous blogs looked at the 175th and 200th anniversary celebrations of the Homestead. From materials in the Homestead safe, we have a glimpse of the 150thanniversary.

Hosted by Stephen Mather and his wife, the 150th was held August 10, 1928. In a letter to Harold Morehouse, Stephen wrote…

“The Mather Homestead in Darien built by your ancestor, Joseph Mather in 1778, is now 150 years old. Mrs. Mather and I are inviting a number of descendants to attend a simple little cele-bration of the event on the grounds of the old homestead on August 10 next at 3 o’clock, daylight saving time…”

From an article in the Norwalk Evening Sentinel we learn…

“…The first part of the afternoon was taken up mainly with just the renewal of acquaintanceships and the exhibition of new sons and daughters to aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. Punch was served during the heat of the day…”

“…Mr. Mather told about old times, about some family history and about his boyhood memories. Mrs. Mather was present at the celebration also her daughter, Bertha Floy Mather who was also observing her birthday yesterday…”

Now, in less than six years, we will have opportunity to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Homestead and all those who have contributed to its robust longevity with such dedication through the many years.

Image below:

Mrs. Betsy Ann Seeley, 93 of Darien and Robert McConnell 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. McConnell

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