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A Tree Grows in Darien. Does it still?

Nine months after Stephen T. Mather’s death, the National Life Conservation Society organized a Tree Planting at the Mather Homestead in honor of Stephen T. Mather. The planting took place on Sunday, October 19, 1930. Among the speakers was Horace Albright, who had worked closely with Stephen Mather, and in 1930 was himself the Director of the National Parks.

In 1930, Mrs. Charles Cyrus Marshall, president of the National Life Conservation Society, organized a nationwide movement to plant memorial trees in honor of Stephen T. Mather.

According an article in Scenic and Historic America, Volume II, Number 2, in 1930 trees were planted at the Bronx Zoo, on the campus of Syracuse University, Lewis and Clark State Park, and the Dartmouth College Highway. On July 4th, “a native tree in every national park where trees will grow, was dedicated to Mr. Mather…”

At the bottom of a steamer trunk in the Homestead attic is the program from the ceremony and two group photographs from that day.

A tree planted in 1930 would now be ninety-years old. Is it among the many that grace the Homestead grounds today? Again, another question raised by the legacy left to us in the Homestead attic.

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