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Flower baskets, two cats, and a cockatoo.A pause to look at the doorstops in the Mather Homestead.

Tours of the Homestead always include the highboy in the dining room and perhaps the gateleg table in the Keeping Room or the canopy bed in the East bedroom. But in her years at the Homestead, Stephen’s daughter, Bertha Mather McPherson, collected many smaller objects that lend character, if not curiosity, to the rooms.

Google Amazon for “doorstops” and you’ll find a host of rubber or wooden wedges.

Fortunately, we have none of that. From the valuation of Homestead furnishing, the appraiser offered these descriptions…

Three Painted Cast Iron Door Stops: Images are flowers, basket, a pair of black kittens, one repainted, none marked; sizes range 11-3/4” h.-7-1/2” h.; early 20th century.

For the final door stop, the appraiser wavered just a bit…

Painted Parrot or Cockatoo-Form Cast Iron Door Stop. Paint decoration appears to be original. 14” h. unmarked; circa 1900. Condition is good.

The next time you visit the Homestead, look around—and down.

And then decide for yourself: Parrot or cockatoo?

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