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“...gaily and profusely decorated with flags and bunting…”The 100th Anniversary of the Mather Homest

The newspaper report on “the ‘Centennial’ at the old Mather Homestead” continues “…On a nearer approach, merry voices were heard, and were added to by new arrivals. Distant thunder and frequent drops of rain now admonished…that a shower was coming…”

Another newspaper article observed, “There were about sixty present, and had it not been for a heavy shower…there would have doubtless been double that number. Over the door was hung a large card on which was printed “Our Grandfather’s Home, July 1778-1878…”

The first article then adds, “Aunt Betsey and Phebe, Miss A. E. Lockwood, Mrs. D.B. Mather and daughter aided by others had prepared the table…and…the 60 or more who were present were abundantly fed.”

A letter from a grandson of the Deacon, Rev. Charles Selleck, was read. [The full text of the letter is online on Homestead site under Documents from the Archives.] In the letter, Rev. Selleck commented on his memories of being at the Homestead—especially at Thanksgiving.

“…Dinner being served, always sumptuous and ample, first to the grown people, then to the numerous community of children, the afternoon was given up to chat and hilarity. No wine, nobrandy, no smoking, but all satisfied and serious, the elder members of the family would engage in a vivacious conversation, while the children, out in the orchard, or up in the chamber would engage in lively sports and plays…”

The event concluded with “All heartily joined in singing “Should old acquaintance be forgot” and wishing for continued blessing on the ‘Mather Centennial.’”

Image below:

The Homestead in 1879, one year after the Centennial Celebration.

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