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Hey, we’re still here…Not to forget the chests and trunks in the Homestead attic.

In blogs we’ve often featured items discovered in the chests and trunks found throughout

the three rooms of the Mather Homestead attic. With most of the items removed and archived, a brief blog about these now-empty, or nearly-empty, history keepers seems due.

In the rooms there are nine wooden chests, the largest being 54” x 21” x 20”h. There are six trunks, including a steamer trunk which held many of the most personal items related to Stephen Mather, including his wedding invitation, special passport, and school textbooks.

One trunk top has the initials SB in hobnails and one is fronted with the initials LA. There are two traditional footlockers, three dressers and, almost overlooked, there is a box adorned with oriental designs that belonged to Stephen’s father, Joseph Wakeman Mather.

Images below

3. Wooden Box of Joseph W. Mather

4. Trunk with Stephen Mather's personal items

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