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“In twenty-five words or less…”A selection of inscriptions from books in the Homestead

The Mather Homestead contains a wealth of books, from family Bibles to first editions…books from as early as 1684 through to the late 20th century.

In some of these books we find inscriptions that express good wishes, thanks, humor, and hopes. Here are a few…

In The Giant Sequoia by R. S. Ellsworth, published by J.D. Berger, Oakland CA, 1924, Russell Ellsworth inscribed a copy of his book to Stephen Mather…

To Mr. Stephen T. Mather, Present director of our National Parks as

places of play and prayer with sincere regards of the authors Rodney

Syles Ellsworth, Yosemite Canyon 1 June 1924

In Grand Canyon Country, by M. R. Tillotson/Frank Taylor, Stanford University Press, 1929,

Miner Raymond Tillotson inscribed (in slightly more than 25 words) a copy of his

just-published book to Stephen Mather...

To Stephen T. Mather whom we still delight to call “The Chief” and who has

done so much to make the Grand Canyon Country the National Park with

most affectionate regards of M.R. Tillotson, Grand Canyon Arizona Sept. 6, 1929

In Abraham Lincoln as a Man of Letters, Luther Robinson A.M. Chicago,

The Reilly & Britton Co 1918, Howard Hays offered the following

inscription to Stephen T. Mather…

To Stephen Mather from the chap whose greatest delight is to elbow S.T.M. off the front page. In-tent-ly Howard Hays Christmas 1919

In 1919 Howard Hays became President of the Yellowstone Park Camps Company

In Woman’s Record: Sketches of all Distinguished Women from “The Beginning” Till

A.D. 1850. Sarah Josepha Hale, New York, Harper and Brothers, 1853, Joseph Wakeman Mather inscribed the following inscription to his new wife…

July 3rd 1864 This Volume full of the Glorious trails of beloved Woman, Man’s guardian Angel is presented to my dear Bertha Jemima

This was written by Joseph Wakeman Mather (STM’s father) six days after his marriage to Bertha Jemima Walker 27 Jun 1864.

In The Travels of Marco Polo, Boni & Liveright, New York, Third Printing 1926,

Stephen Mather wrote this inscription to his daughter Bertha…

To my daughter who may be wandering over the world like Marco

Polo with her father when the school or college days are over.

Stephen T. Mather Christmas 1926

Bertha Mather graduated from Vassar in 1928. She went on to the Cambridge School of Landscape earning a Master’s degree in 1933.Stephen Mather passed away 22 Jan 1930

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