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Party like it’s 1778…The Sequel. 200th Anniversary Celebration at the Mather Homestead June 17, 1978

Having found the materials relating to the 175th Anniversary in the Homestead attic, it seemed impossible to think that there was not a 200th Anniversary Celebration. And indeed, there was.

In a cabinet beneath the bookcases in the far end of the Keeping Room, is a trove of materials from the 200th…invitations, accep-tances, the program, photographs, newspaper clippings and more.

It was definitely “a family affair.” More than 100 descendants of Deacon Mather attended. A “pageant” highlighting the Tory raid and subsequent Homestead milestones starred not only Stephen Mather’s daughter, Bertha McPherson, but also his grandchildren, and some of their children as well.

The event began with an invocation from the Minister of the First Congregational Church and concluded with refreshments that featured a birthday cake replica of the Homestead.

From all that the McPhersons left for us to discover, one thing was already known. And that was the loving care and dedicated conservatorship they provided for the Homestead. It is a legacy and responsibility that has now been entrusted to the Foundation to carry forward to the 250th and beyond.

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