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Saturday in the Park with Eleanor

According to the National Park Service’s History eLibrary, Mather Memorial Plaques are in National Parks across the country as well as at a few state parks and two schools (University of California Berkeley; Mather High School, Chicago).

According to the NPS, “Gorham Bronze was contracted in 1930 for the first run of 28 bronze plaques—20 for National Parks & Park Service Headquarters, 2 for National Monuments, 1 for Mather Memorial Parkway, 1 for the University of California campus at Berkeley, and 3 for State Parks where Mather had close ties.”

Among the first plaques outside of a National Park is the one in Bear Mountain State Park in Rockland County, New York. The dedication was held Saturday May 27th 1933.

In a trunk at the rear of the attic at the Homestead is the invitation received by Mrs. Mather to that dedication. Also in the trunk is the acceptance, on White House stationery, by Eleanor Roosevelt to attend the dedication. There is also the note of regret from the President for being unable to attend the event.


Mather Plaque, Acadia NP, Oct. 2019

Invitation to Mrs. Bertha Mather to the dedication at Bear Mountain State Park, May 27, 1933

Mrs. Roosevelt’s acceptance

Eleanor Roosevelt (R) at Bear Mountain State Park dedication

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