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The price of success…The two wills of Stephen Tyng Mather’s mother-in-law.

Stephen Mather’s mother-in-law, Sarah Hoole Floy was widowed in 1895. In 1916, Henry, one of her two sons, died. When she wrote her will in 1919, she had a son, Frederic, and two daughters, Grace, and Jane, Stephen’s wife.

In the will Sarah left “all my wearing apparel and jewelry” to be divided equally between Grace and Jane.

The balance of the estate was divided in thirds—Grace, Jane, and Frederic. However, Frederic’s third was to be held in trust by Grace and profits paid to Frederic and after his death to his wife, Susie. After her death, the principal was to be divided between Grace and Jane.

Fast forward to 1922 and a second will. Grace and Jane still get the clothing and jewelry. Half of the rest goes to Grace. The remaining half is again in trust for Frederic, and after Frederic and Susie die, the principal goes to Grace.

And Stephen’s wife, Jane? “I hold my daughter Jane in equal love and affection with my other children but I have bequeathed no part of my estate to her for the reason that she is already well provided for.”

images below:

1. Sarah Hoole Floy (1837-1923)

2. Grace S. Floy (1873-1957)

3. Jane Floy Mather (1868-1944)

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