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The Mather Homestead Foundation is working on an "Oral History" project to interview members of the community who have a history with the Mather Homestead and its inhabitants, particularly Bertha Mather McPherson (1906-1993).  We welcome your stories!  

Please record your experiences with the Mather family and home/property for 2 to 5 minutes by using the link below (coming soon).   

Areas of interest:

1) The Mather family 
Did you know Bertha Mather McPherson?  In what context and when?  What stories do you remember about her? If not Bertha, please feel free to elaborate about other family members who lived at the Homestead. 

2) The Mather Homestead and property
What memories do you have about the buildings and property? E.G., features of the property that are no longer there? Experiences you had on the property or in the house?  

3) Importance of the Mather Homestead in Darien's and our nation's History 

The Mather Homestead is thankful for Dr. Fiona Vernal, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, and Connecticut Humanities for making this project possible!

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