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2023 Après Ski

Thank you for helping us raise $17K for our historic Playhouse!


Mather Homestead Apres Ski 2023 Poster

Presented by the Mather Homestead Junior Board:

Alison Arneill l Tasha Blair Taylor Carlson l Lauren Frank l Caitlin Griswold

Sarah Guilbride l Sally Houlihan l Anna Janis l Stephanie Kramer l Paige Kyle

Sarah Henderson l Jessica Merrill l Kate Piselli l Whitney Ranson l Lauren Swenson


The historic Mather playhouse was enjoyed by generations of Mathers and is now in disrepair. Our goal is to renovate the playhouse to be the cornerstone for future generations of children to come for learning and play.

Help us reach our goal of $30K!

All donors will be recognized in the new playhouse for generations to come!


Domenick Maldari playhouse.jpeg
Sponsorship Thank You.jpg
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