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Embroidery with Heather Ross - July 28, 2021

Author and Textile Designer Heather Ross brought her love of all things hand-made and resourceful living to MH. Heather is passionate about teaching new uses for the creative arts and skills that even the earliest residents of Mather Homestead relied upon.

During HAND EMBROIDERY FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN, Heather will helped workshoppers develop their own personalized embroidery design, and demonstrated simple ways to complete a very special project to take home.

Heather Ross is an American illustrator, textile designer, and author. Much of her work explores themes of resourceful and creative living, the natural world, and handmade, drawing often on both her rural upbringing and an early career as a naturalist. She is known for her highly collectible textile designs and books written for the handmade and craft markets, and as the originator and host of a popular series of weekend craft retreats held around the country. Her critically acclaimed memoir, How To Catch a Frog, is based on her childhood and early success as an entrepreneur and designer. She has also illustrated numerous children’s books, including the award winning Fergus and Zeke series and the “Crafty Chloe” books, the latter a winner of the Kirkus Star, and is both author and illustrator BOYS, an Illustrated Field Guide. She is represented by Steven Malk of Writers House, and lives in New York City and the Catskill Mountains with her husband, daughter and dog.

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