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Colonial Breadmaking - a Homesteading 101 Workshop

Thurs., March 10, 7 pm, Barn, $45

Colonial Breadmaking - a Homesteading 101 Workshop

Leah Jones, pastry chef at Grace Farms and owner of Black Market Bread, will lead us in a colonial breadmaking workshop which will involve baking AND tasting! First, Leah will give us a little history on bread and some information which might help us understand the "gluten free" craze a little better. Then we'll taste various breads, baked by Leah, and drink wines chosen to pair with each bread. Finally, we'll make our own bread!

Includes ingredients, instruction, plus two loaves of bread - one we will cook on site and one you will take home to bake. YUM.

BYO large bowl and spatula!

$45 per person
$240/table for six.
Will open up ticket sales soon

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