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George Putnam: Why is that name so familiar?

In 1926, Stephen Mather received a note of regret from Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam stating they couldn’t attend the National Parks Superintendents Dinner on November 19.  The note was on Mrs. Putnam’s monogrammed stationery—DBP—Dorothy Binney Putnam (Yes, the Binneys of Crayola fame and fortune.)


As avid blog readers may recall, the Homestead has a letter from Anne Morrow Lindbergh to Bertha Mather McPherson, explaining why she and Charles think it best if their daughter does not attend the Darien Cotillion.  Anne and Charles were married in May 1929.



In January 1929, Stephen received a note from George Putnam wishing him well and chattily updating Stephen on the Putnam doings…

“…Dorothy and David and Junior and I went down to Havana and Panama over David’s Christmas holidays. It was a fine rest.  Next week Dorothy and the little boy are shoving off for Florida for a month of sunshine down there.  David is up at Hotchkiss.  He is now 6 ft. 2”, I wish his scholastic abilities kept up with his physical growth.  Faithfully, G.P.P”


Later in 1929, George and Dorothy divorced.  Two years later, George Putnam married his second wife—Amelia Earhart! 

Earhart and Putnam, 1931

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