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Has your dentist ever asked for your autograph?

On February 5, 1929, Dr. W.S.  Benedict wrote to Stephen Mather to express his feelings upon

learning that Stephen had resigned from his position with the National Park Service.


In a one-page typed letter, Dr. Benedict wrote:

“I am extremely sorry to hear of your recent illness, and also your resignation from the National Park Service.  Your very valuable services and cooperation will be missed by that body, I know, as your efforts during the last twelve years have done more to build it up than that of any other man, heretofore in its history…I shall always deem it a great privilege to have been your friend and dentist, and shall very much miss your frequent visits to my office…”


He then added this postscript:

 Did Dr. Benedict get his photograph?   Unanswered.   But the letter certainly had to make Stephen Mather smile. 

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