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Montague, a 1926 Franklin, Walter Stewart, and more.

Interesting discoveries you won’t find at the Stephen Mather exhibit

Later this month (October 2022), an exhibit celebrating Stephen Mather will be premiered in the Elizabeth Chilton Education Center. Visitors will learn more about Stephen’s life as a student, businessman, and of course, as the first director of The National Park Service.

First, a look at items that won’t be in the exhibit, but give us a more intimate glimpse at Stephen Mather’s life athome—and on the road!

In Darien in 1895, for a fee of $1.15. a dog license wasissued to Stephen for a spaniel named Montague. And among Stephen’s checks we find one for the Country Club of New Canaan and one to Walter Stewart for $21.41.

We know that Stephen Mather was dedicated to making the Parks accessible to every American and essential to that was the construction of car roads to permit greater opportunities for visitors to see the parks’ vistas. But what about Stephen’s own love of cars and driving? From

the archives, we know it extended from coast-to-coast!

The archives continue to help us form a fuller picture not only of Stephen Mather, but of those from Deacon Mather forward, each of whom contributed to the Homestead history we are now charged with honoring, preserving and presenting.

Images below:

1. Montague's License 1895

2. Walter Stewart Co. Check 1929

3. 1929 Connecticut DMV Driver's License

4. D.C. Registration of a 1926 Franklin Coupe

5. 1929 Automobile Club of Southern California

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