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Putting faces to names…Three generations of Mather family photographs

Before selfies, portrait photography held significant importance to families. Portrait-taking was a noteworthy and formal occasion. In the Homestead attic are numerous Mather family photographs. Fortunately, the identities of many of the subjects have been recorded. Here are photographs of three generations, from Joseph Mather, the son of Deacon Mather, to his grandson, Stephen Mather.

Images below:

1. Joseph Mather (30 Sep 1789-27 Sep 1864), the father ofJoseph Wakeman Mather

2. Joseph Wakeman Mather, father of Stephen T. Mather. With his daughter Ella Maria, who died in 1861 at age 4

3. Maria Mahan Mather, 1st wife of Joseph W. Mather and mother of Ella Maria. 14 Feb. 1833-16 Mar 1859

4. Joseph Wakeman Mather and Bertha Walker Mather, parents of Stephen Mather

5. Joseph W. Mather with his sons, Stephen (l) and Josie.

6. Stephen T. Mather and his wife, Jane Thacker Floy Mather

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