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What goes up, must come down, spinnin’ wheel…

The question for anyone who has watched the CBS television series NCIS over the years must be, how do you get the boat out of the basement?

At the Homestead, it has to be, how do you get a spinning wheel into the attic? And not just one, but two! Two great wheel spinning wheels up a narrow, dimly-lit staircase with turns and into their spaces beneath the eaves. One great wheel is 42” in diameter; the other is 44”.

In the appraiser’s evaluation of the contents of the Homestead, it was noted:

“The McPhersons collected antique objects for their home not

apparently for investment value per se but from the desire to

honor the legacy of the 200-plus year history in the Homestead

by furnishing rooms period style.”

Although these two great wheel spinning wheels were not original to the Homestead, having them extends the Homestead’s ability to more fully share meaningful aspects of colonial life with students and visitors.

Now the only remaining question…When the time comes, how do we get them out of the attic?

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