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The Field

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This field is the site of what was once a 100 acre self-sustaining farm managed by the Mather family which provided everything the family needed centuries ago.

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Site Description

The field was once part of the 100 acre self-sustaining farm operated by the Mather family during the 18th and 19th centuries. Almost everything the family needed came from the farm including the wood to heat the house, vegetables such as carrots, turnips, wheat, and corn, and farm animals providing milk, eggs and meat. They even grew flax
which they turned into fabric to make their own clothes. Later, the property included fruit orchards bearing apples, apricots, peaches and prunes, plus grapes that were used to make their own wine which was called ‘Mather Wine’.

Today, the Mather Homestead property comprises seven acres which is surrounded by another 15 acres of the original Homestead property which is managed by the Darien Land Trust. The land is home to many native plants and animals including deer, turkeys, beavers, coyotes, hawks and more. Please proceed to the Site #6: The Playhouse in the Field.

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