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The Root Cellar

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The root cellar was an essential component of a colonial farm in Connecticut.

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During Colonial times on a farm in Connecticut, a root cellar would have played a crucial role in preserving food and
ensuring a stable food supply for the family. A root cellar was typically a cool, underground storage space used to store root vegetables, fruits, and other perishable items. In this context, the root cellar would have been vital for storing crops like potatoes, carrots, turnips, and apples, harvested from the farm.

The cool and dark environment of the root cellar helped slow down the natural ripening and decay processes of these perishable foods,
extending their shelf life through the winter months when fresh
produce was scarce. This allowed families to have a source of nutritious food even during the colder seasons when farming activities were limited. The root cellar, therefore, served as a practical and
essential component of food storage and preservation on Revolutionary War-era farms in Connecticut.

Please proceed to the Site #9: Stephen Mather, located next to the closest large tree.

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