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English 1821 “Adam and Eve” Sampler, Silk-on-Linen

Second Floor - Guest Room

Other Decorative Arts

England, 1821. A formulaic/pattern work, well executed, featuring figures, animals, and biblical script.

English 1821 “Adam and Eve” Sampler, Silk-on-Linen

Along the upper section enclosed by scrolling vines: Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman that feareth the lord she shall be praised. In the lower half, surrounded by animals, birds, and figures are Adam and Eve by the apple tree and the snake, and this verse: Adam and Eve. Whilest innocent in paradise were placed but soon the serpent by his while the happy paire disgraced. The maker’s stitched signature is along the bottom section: Eliza Sumner finished this work december the 8 1821 aged 9 years. Condition is good with light discoloration of linen ground.

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