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50 mi E of Fresno, CA




404,064 acres


1,153,198 in 2022


Sequoia National Park, located in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, is renowned for its stunning landscapes and iconic giant sequoia trees. Home to some of the largest trees on Earth, including the famous General Sherman Tree, the park offers visitors a chance to marvel at the sheer size and beauty of these ancient giants. In addition to the towering sequoias, the park features rugged mountain terrain, deep canyons, and picturesque alpine meadows. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing, with opportunities to spot black bears, mule deer, and diverse bird species. With its breathtaking scenery and abundant natural wonders, Sequoia National Park offers a memorable experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Sequoia National Park is not only famous for its majestic giant sequoia trees but also for its diverse wildlife. The park's varied ecosystems support a wide range of animal species, including black bears, mule deer, mountain lions, and bobcats. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of birds, from colorful songbirds to majestic raptors like bald eagles and peregrine falcons. Additionally, the park's rivers and streams are home to trout and other aquatic species. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore the park's trails and meadows, offering ample opportunities to observe and appreciate the natural beauty and biodiversity of Sequoia National Park.

Sounds of the Park

Things to Do

In the warmer months, visitors can go day hiking, overnight backpacking, camping, or driving through the famous Tunnel Log. In the winter, visitors to Sequoia National Park can go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

When to Visit

Sequoia National Park's climate varies significantly by elevation, as temperatures decrease with increasing altitude. Summers are generally warm and dry, while winters are cold and snowy. Like most parks, crowds are highest during the summer. Therefore, the spring (May) and fall (September-October) would be the best time to visit.

Ties to Stephen Mather

Sequoia National Park has a Stephen Mather plaque located in the Giant Forest. Furthermore, visitors can take Mather Drive, a road on the park's Ash Mountain.

stm plaque.jpg

Fun Fact

Sequoia National Park's General Sherman tree is the largest-known single tree on Earth by volume.

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