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Music at Mather featuring Nick Depuy

Sat., Feb 12, 4 pm KIDS, 6:30 pm ADULTS, Barn, $10 kids, $35 adult concert

Music at Mather featuring Nick Depuy

Kid's concert (reco ages 5 to 12):
First up, Nick will entertain and educate kids about American Folk music. He'll play folk songs from the 40s through the present, think Woodie Guthrie, Pete Segar, and talk about the historical influences behind these songs and how they've inspired the music that followed.

Adult/Young Adult concert:
Singer/Songwriter Nick Dupuy will perform his original music (he has penned over 60 songs and counting!) and a few cover favorites. Nick calls his music “folksy with a few twists" -- think a combination of James Taylor meets Mumford & Sons. His goal, he said, is to tell a meaningful story through his music. His recent album "Don't Be Sorry" is out on iTunes, amazon and spotify - check it out!

Nick Depuy, an American University graduate majoring in music and literary studies, is an evocative and haunting singer-songwriter. Nick boasts a unique sound that is rooted in old time folk, jazz and blues. But his influences do not define him, as he puts his own stamp on the likes of rock, pop, and hip-hop in the songs that he writes and sings.

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