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Past Kids-at-Mather

Adventure in Yellowstone National Park

Our Yellowstone adventure included learning about Yellowstone over a dinner of bear & moose Mac 'n cheese, frolicking in Old Faithful (sprinkler!), s'mores over a campfire, and finally stories with cuddly stuffed animals.

Become a Stephen Mather Junior Ranger! October 9, 2022

We welcomed 10 kids including eight scouts for our first "Become a Stephen Mather Junior Junior Ranger" event. Kids learned about the National Parks and Stephen Mather's important role in creating the National Park Service and the system of 61 parks that we enjoy today. We then took a hike on the Darien Land Trust's Mather Meadows property across the street. Finally, we played fun games to learn more about our national parks!

Please reach out to us to schedule a Junior Ranger event for your group of kids! Recommended for 2nd to 7th grade.

Book Club for Kids! Discovery in Great Sand Dunes National Park - May 13, 2023

Part 2 of our National Park Mystery Series led by educator Samantha Gault!

Book Club for Kids! Mystery in Rocky Mountain National Park - March 25, 2023

Educator Samantha Gault led a discussion of the first book in Aaron Johnson's National Park Mystery Series: "Mystery in Rocky Mountain National Park." Then the kids acted out the book!

Build a Birdhouse - May 21, 2023

Ten kids learned about the birds on the Mather Homestead property - what are they? what do they eat? what are their nests made of? And then they made and decorated birdhouses!

Cookies & Cocoa - December 23, 2022

Kids made cookies for santa and nibbles for the reindeer and played fun holiday games! Local author Steve Bowling read "Calvin the Christmas Tree" to the young audience.

Halloween - drive-thru!

Covid shut down halloween in most places, but not at the Mather Homestead!!

Intern Lunch Bunch 2022 - June, 2022

We welcomed Darien High School Seniors, Margaret Edwards, Piper Henderson, Alexis Lyons and Matthew Magnotta, as our first class of high school interns this Spring. They planned a fun "lunch bunch program" for twelve lucky kids!

The themes for the days:
Monday, June 6th - Colonial Day
Tuesday, June 7th - Gardening Day
Wednesday, June 8th - Art-at-Mather Day
Thursday, June 9th - Workshop Day

We'll be back next year with new interns and more fun!

Intern Lunch Bunch 2023

Our second year of fun with the interns for pre-schoolers! Addison Kline, Conan Thibodeau, Avery Johnson and Sophie Curtis entertained and educated at MH!

Middle School Essay Contest 2022 - Fall 2023

We are excited to announce the winners of our first middle school essay contest. Winners include local students Zoe Younessian (seventh grade), and Pavana Attonito and Juliet Chattaway (tied sixth grade), plus an honorable mention for Benjamin Kelsey (fifth grade).

Middle school students from four local middle schools submitted essays which argued the importance of the National Parks. They shared personal stories about their experiences in the National Parks, demonstrated knowledge of the National Parks system which was founded in 1872 and now includes 423 sites across the United States, and paid tribute to Stephen Tyng Mather who was the first Director of the National Park Service.

Students argued that parks are important for their role in educating children and adults, with many having participated in park Junior Ranger programs. They recognized the National Parks’ important role in protecting wildlife and natural habitats, combating climate change, and fostering mental health. And finally, the students cited enjoyment of nature and accessibility for all as key reasons why parks are important.

Congratulations to all of the participants who demonstrated that our local schools are doing a great job of producing talented young writers!

Night at the Museum - October 27, 2023

Night at the Museum returned for second year with two sessions - one for younger and one for older kids! Kids enjoyed pizza, a spooky tour of the house, games (Escape the Tories!), a spooky walk around Mather Meadows, and s'mores!

Night at the Museum: Escape the Tories - October 28, 2022

After the sun sets and the lights dim, tour the Homestead by candlelight - spooky basement and attic included! Then test your knowledge by playing "Escape the Tories". If you are lucky enough to escape, enjoy pizza and s'mores. Recommended for ages 8 to 12.

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